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Ronald Fugate Sr.


70 Years old, retired. married, 6 children 12 grandchildren 9 great grandchildren.

Over 40 years of Martial Arts Experience. Achieved 3rd Degree Black Sash(Belt) in Wu Tung Sau Kung-Fu under the late Shu-fu Willim Kelly, Head Master of Black Dragons Kung-Fu, Buffalo, NY.

2 years Boxing out of Spinks Gym under trainer John Johnson in Buffalo, NY.

3 years experience at Amer-Asian Martial Arts with Guru David Battaglia. Studied Akido and Escrima.


I have to acknowledge my fine list of Masters who I trained under or studied with during my Martial Arts journey.

Lane Barthlomue                             Montae Saddler

Kenith Warren                                  Robin Emerson

Robert Meloy                                    Carlos Butler

Don Brennen                                    Norman Mandarino

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